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Constitution Island

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The story of Constitution Island is the story of the people who once lived here: From the Lenape Indian Tribe of indigenous people who were here thousands of years before European explorers to the Warner Family and the many West Point cadets who found a haven away from home; the American Revolutionary War soldiers; the early Dutch settlers and those before them, our mission is to share their story.

For forty years, during the 19th century, Anna and Susan Warner taught bible classes to cadets who rowed across the river, landing, coincidentally, at the same place where the Great Chain was anchored in 1778, protecting the Hudson River and American Independence.

Not far from that very spot, the story continues as visitors and volunteers continue to be inspired by these early patriots and keep the house, the gardens and redoubt paths alive with interest. 

We look forward to welcoming you on the island soon!

Immerse yourself in our new virtual tour of the historic Warner home.

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